Simple ISA 2004/2006 Lab with VMware Virtual Server

My favourite virtualization software comes from VMware.
So how can we use virtualization for an ISA 2004/2006 Lab ?
From VMware we have to choose a product first. VMware Server is free and has quite a lot of features so it should be a good option.
We will need to create four VMs for our lab: ISA, domain controller, DMZ server and client PC. But before doing so let’s talk about the network settings that are available in VMware Server.
Please check my VMware Server Networking Options for more details.

For our simple ISA 2004/2006 lab we will use a classic ISA network design, 3-leg Perimeter, which is comprised from three networks: the External network, the Internal Network and a Perimeter Network.
The first thing to do is to create the VMs based on our network diagram. It is very simple.


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