Running TMG (Threat Management Gateway) Beta 1 in Hyper-V RC1

I was thinking for quite a while now to run a second OS on my laptop, and to keep it "clean" for virtualization purposes.
The shiny Windows Server 2008 x64 looks like a nice choice to me.
So I've installed for testing and evaluation Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard as my second OS on my laptop.
And decided to use Hyper-V instead of  VMware Server or VMware Workstation.
Hyper-V appears a pretty slick and easy to use product, however, currently I'm not totally convinced to use Hyper-V on my laptop instead of VMware products.
For me the main drawbacks, at this moment, are:
 - lack of USB support
 - unsure of what/how many OS' are supported.
The VMware products look more mature and flexible.
But I kinda like Hyper-V and I plan to use it for some time from now.

You may want to read the Hyper-V FAQ.
You may also like to read these interesting presentations:
 - BH07_Baker_WSV_Hypervisor_Achitecture.pdf
 - BH07_Baker_WSV_Hypervisor_Security.pdf

I was playing with TMG Beta 1 in VMware Workstation 6.
Now that I had the chance, I decided to spin the wheel a little bit in Hyper-V.


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