Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Beta 1 includes a TFTP filter

As you may know, allowing TFTP through ISA was not an easy task in the past.

It looks that the future version of ISA, Threat Management Gateway (TMG) will include a TFTP filter, see Microsoft's About application filters article.

The TFTP filter in TMG Beta 1:

I've quickly tested it, trying to download or upload some files over a VPN connection to a TFTP server behind TMG from a VPN client. It worked very nice.

It was a straight process to allow TFTP for the VPN client, I've simply created an access rule allowing TFTP:

The TFTP filter is by default bound to the TFTP protocol:

Analyzing TMG's logs, we can see that TMG has allowed the server's response(which used to create problems, since the server chooses a different source port):

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