Quick update on tls.woodgrovebank.com

We’ve discussed about tls.woodgrovebank.com here.

As writing this post, something is going on there. The server does not seem to respond anymore with TLS 1.2.
And, they use some “new” certificates for the ECC web sites, more exactly sha256ECDSA(for the ECDSA_256 site, ECDH_P256 public key), sha384ECDSA(for the ECDSA_384 site, ECDH_P384 public key) signed certificates(by an intermediate CA with an ECDSA_P384 public key) and sha512ECDSA(for the ECDSA_512 site, ECDH_512 public key) signed certificate(by the root CA this one).
Also “new” RSA and DSA certificates, which are “dust”(expired on October 2008).

If you want to access all the web sites from there with a browser out-of-the-box, use Firefox 3.5(why, is explained in the above link).

Let’s see when (if) they will bring TLS 1.2 support back.

The "new" ECC certificates:

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