Forefront TMG
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Vyatta OFR


Security is a big issue these days regarding our networks. Gaining skills on network security is not an easy task.
I am a big fan of virtualization. Using VMware we can easily create a lab for learning, pre-deployment and features testing.
Adding a network protocol analyzer like Wireshark into equation and we can have a great picture of traffic flow and understand how protocols work.

On this website you will find useful information about how to create labs or use/deploy VMware//VPC/VirtualBox, use/deploy/tune ISA 2006 Firewall or Forrefront TMG, Vyatta OFR, VPN technologies(like L2TP/IPsec, IPsec Tunnel Mode, SSL VPN), firewalls, routers, WebDav, SSL/TLS and much more.
I will try to constantly add as much information as I can.
If you find any mistakes please let me know. I hope you will enjoy the information found on this website.

If you have any problems needing a consultant or want me to work with you on a project, drop me an e-mail using the contact page.