Vyatta OFR Remote Access VPN - Part 1: PPTP

I'm not a PPTP fan (I do not like it at all), but since I've noticed that some people may want to use it, here we go.
PPTP is easy to set up. It can represent a convenient VPN protocol for some people. A company can have in no time with minimal effort a functional remote access VPN server. However, all these benefits come at a big cost regarding security.

Note: Make sure you use complex and long passwords for your PPTP users. PPTP's encryption and authentication will be as strong as users' passwords.

In this part we will enable the PPTP VPN Server on Vyatta VC4, providing secure access (as secure as PPTP can be) to the corporate network and applications. See Figure1.


Figure2 presents the network diagram used in this part. Vyatta is behind a router (this is not a NAT device, it simply routes packets).


First I will configure Vyatta's interfaces and enable SSH. Then I can use a SSH client to quickly enter the rest of the configuration lines (I will copy and paste them).


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